Shikara Cruise

Shikara –is a traditional motorized canoe with its roof covered.However all the sides are open and there are luxurious reclining seats.It is just a miniature form of houseboat .It allows a close watch through the backwaters of Alappuzha .Even when the temperature is high,the journey on a shikara through the backwaters is relaxing as the breeze is cool. You can truly enjoy your ride by a shikara through the narrow deep canals which is not possible in a houseboat ride .Shikara on the lake serves just like a pickup van or a taxi on the roads.

You can set off your journey at any time.It is advisable to start early in the morning,when you can enjoy the sunrise,the chirping sound of birds,the lapping sound of the lakewaters,the cool morning breeze and so on.

You can have a close watch to the rustic lifestyle of the villagers.The people who live on the outskirts of Alappuzha depend mainly on coir industry as their main means of livelihood.The people of Alappuzha has a rich legacy in coir handicraft.Through your ride in a shikara you can observe very closely their culture and tradition.

You have a total freedom of when to start and end your cruise,It is not only less expensive than a houseboat ride,but helps you to explore the areas inaccessible when u opt a houseboat.

A shikara offers a seating capacity of four to twelve people.The main attractions of a shikara boat ride are the shallow and narrow canals in Kuttanad,the famous Kuttanad Toddy,mouthwatering lunch on the outskirts of the lake with fresh lake fish and variety of other dishes.Riding on a shikara in the evening is a tranquilising experience,The soothing breeze lulls u to a short nap in the middle of the lake.You will experience a peaceful atmosphere away from all the strain and stress of the world.

We assure u will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your ride in a shikara.This will be one of the memorable moments you will cherish for your lifetime.

Why a Shikara than a houseboat?

1.It can go through the narrow canals and explore the rustic life of the villagers living on the outskirts.
2.Cruises vary according to your budget
3. Creates less pollution.
4.Easily accessible and less expensive.
5.More places can be explored within a short time
6.One can start and end the cruise at anytime they wish

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